Manipura Chakra

Manipura Chakra in Bangalore

Manipura Chakra

If the chakra is underactive, then a person starts feeling inadequate, has low self-esteem, low levels of confidence, an inferiority complex and no desire to excel in any field in life.

The person is not interested in gaining a name or fame. He likes to lead a mediocre life where he can remain unknown and ordinary. He finds difficult to handle stress and anxiety.

Overactive Manipura chakra

It can lead to too much energy in this chakra. It creates delusion and dissonance, disdain, hatred, arrogance and manic conditions. Too much ego, over-confidence, and an over-ambitious attitude are indicators of an overactive front Manipura chakra.

An overactive Manipura chakra makes a person extremely ambitious, and self-centered. He thinks that he is the only VIP, everyone should listen to him, and nobody should question his authority. Autocratic bosses at the office and dominating wives at home are good examples of overly active Manipura chakra.

Effects of Manipura chakra on our bodymind

‘I can’t digest it,’ we say this many times when something is not acceptable to us.

Many of the psychosomatic problems affecting the body-mind are directly related to this chakra. Irritation, acidity, indigestion, feeling powerless and worthless — all these are indicators of a disturbed Manipura chakra.

Manipura Chakra

Worries, tension, and anxiety directly influence the secretion of the pancreas (part of this chakra) and can lead to diabetes.

Jatharagni (fire in the belly) becomes weak. A person in these conditions has low energy (no fire in the belly) and is very subdued.

This chakra is about identity (‘I’dentity) who am ‘I’, me, and mine are the key areas of exploration.

Jupiter and Sun control and influence this chakra

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