Mangalik Dosha Marriage

Mangalik Dosha Marriage

Mangalik Dosha in Marriage Bangalore

There is lots of confusion regarding Mangalik dosha. To ally all fears and wrong understanding, we shall learn more about it and make notes in what situations this is not applicable. To start with, let us understand that Mangalik is not a dosha (blemish). Mars being the source of energy and leadership qualities and great organizational skills can take career graph of a person very high.

To understand in very simple way, we call a person Mangalik when Mars energy i.e. Red color frequency is too much in him/her. Too much of this frequency leads to rashness in behavior, aggressive temperament and dominating character.

Who is Mangalik?

Generally, a person is called Mangalik if Mangal (Mars) is present in 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th , and 12th house. These people are very courageous, aggressive, industrious, great organizers and born leaders.

Who is NOT a Mangalik?

Due to wrong understanding and incorrect analysis, many people think that they are Mangalik ( or parents think so!). Please note that under the floPundit conditions, Mangalik dosha does not apply.

1. If Ascendant is Taurus/Gemini/Virgo/Libra/Aquarius.

2. If Saturn aspects (looks at) Mars.

3. If Venus occupies 1st house.

4. If Jupiter aspects Mars.

5. If Mars is retrograde ® or debilitated (D).

( There may be more exceptions but these are important ones).

Let us redefine Mangalik

I am of the personal opinion that with the maturity of the present generation, it is possible to create a balance in all relationships. If we are pragmatic and are aware of our OS, then we can re-programme it by balancing the Mars energy as discussed I this chapter.

Mangalik to marry only a Mangalik

In marriage, a Mangalik is allowed to get married to a Mangalik in India. This works deterrence for each other because both are storehouse of great energy. The idea is to create an energy balance between the partners. This obviates domination from either party. It is like a situation in which, there are two neighboring countries both having nuclear capabilities. Nuclear capability works as deterrence.

Know thyself first

Before trying to know about your potential match, it is prudent to know about your own temperament and orientations.

For example, if a girl has Sun in 7th house of her kundali, she tends to get attracted to males who are in positions of power and authority. When the girl gets married to such a person, she would be initially very happy and proud of her husband. However, over a period, she would try to control her husband and mould him as per her wish (she likes power, you know!). At a subconscious level, this girl got attracted to a powerful male because she loved power. Now, she wants to control this powerful person, which obviously does not happen. This leads to marital conflict and mental separation. Though they may stay together, they will mentally drift apart and will have a soul-distance. It is seen that either the husband or the wife would volunteer for foreign assignment or take transfer to work at distant place or find some excuse to move out from the house.

Disruptions in marriage

Mars can have detrimental effects on marriage. We are NOT talking about Mangalik Dosha (Mars blemish) here. We discussed about that in Mars chapter.

We are going to discuss in general about bad Mars and Retrograde Mars. A debilated Mars does not have any influence on marriage because it has no energy.

I am giving examples of some live cases who I dealt personally.

Live case 1

Below is the kundali of a woman, who got involved with a person outside marriage and took a divorce.

Mangalik Dosha Marriage

Consider the 1st and 7th house. Mars is exalted and is very powerful, creating disruption in marriage. Same Mars is looking at 1st house creating aggression in mind. Marital life is in shambles due to frequent quarrels.

Saturn is retrograde and occupying 1st house creating melancholy and loneliness in the mind. Same influence in 7th house because the same Saturn is also looking at 7th house.

Mercury in 7th house creates situations for extra-marital relations. Venus is also exalted in 9th house.

She used to have frequent fights with her husband. Then she fell in love with someone and took a divorce. She continues to fight in her second marriage.

Live case 2

His wife left him.

His wife left him

Mars( R) in 4th house: Short ( R) looking at 7th house: marital discord

Saturn in luck house: sorrow

Saturn looking at Sun: dominating

Rahu looking at moon: Sad and unromantic

The wife has many complaints against the husband. She deserted him means she has not taken a formal divorce but stays with her mother and not with the husband.

Live case 3

The couple used to fight and took divorce. The wife has put a criminal case against the husband.

Girl’s kundali

Girl’s kundali

A marriage took place after a short star-sign analysis. Many astrologers just do a simple nakshatra and rasi Milan (star and star compatibility) and allot a mark out of 36. In this case, it was done so and allotted 28 out of 36 (highly recommended marriage score) for this marriage.

The couple used to fight and took divorce. The wife has put a criminal case against the husband.

Boy’s kundali

Saturn in 4th house: sitting in 4th house and aspecting 1st house will make him have a melancholic and sad disposition. They lack marital happiness and gloomy in nature.

Boy’s kundali

Moon and Rahu together create crying syndrome.

Mars and Ketu together leads to high temper and anger.

Sun in 7th house (same like wife) separates husband-wife.

Mercury in 7th house also leads to extra marital relationships. (sun and mercury together good for education but bad in marriage house).

Venus in 6th house (same like his wife) results in low libido and poor sex life.

He also has a KaalaSarpa dosha (snake blemish).

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