Ketu Graha

Ketu Graha in Bangalore

Ketu Graha in Bangalore

We discussed about Rahu. We learnt a new way to understand i.e. the working zone Rahu is at the root chakra (the lower part ) of our body. This is because of the “Chhaya” effect on water/liquid in a reversed way.

FolloPundit the same understanding, though the picture of Ketu is shown as lower part of the body, the working zone is over the head. (read Rahu explanation). Ketu occupies the top layers of energy spectrum in the range of UV/Violet, above Saturn (which rules over third eye).

Ketu is so important because it connects us with the universal source of knowledge. It gives liberating thoughts, out of box ideas, and sudden gain of wealth.

Wrongly placed Ketu can create loads of anxiety and confusion and disorient a person. It can block the blessings from universe and a person struggles without any gain.

Those who are on the path of spirituality must ensure that Ketu position is studied in the astro chart and remedial measures taken if it is vakri or wrongly placed.

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